Monday, April 15, 2019

Definitely Right to Use PEACOCK Ring Gauge Multisizer

Not only can you get your finger measurements but you get a PRECISE measurement, don't just tighten it and then go for the size ring to really test the band by checking to see if you can take it off regardless of the size is to allow the band to fit properly, it is Your ideal ring size ... PERFECT!

Glad I ordered the PEACOCK Ring Gauge at first I thought I made a mistake by paying money for it and shipping costs, it's better to go to a jewelry store but now I believe it's worth every penny I've got the right measurement for all my digits and that of the family and we are happy with all our repaired and new rings.

My mother made her old engagement ring tightened to its perfect size and the skinny old fingers of my older brother who had been wrinkled now adorn the right fitting ring.

So as an insignificant or trivial thing this might seem I highly recommend it for anyone who likes rings or is thinking of applying for them!