10 dangers of smoking must be known

10 dangers of smoking must be known

Smoking is not good, it is the words that very often we hear well in the real world or a variety of other media. Among the large number of complications that can inflict smoking, maybe some of you can only mention 1-2 problems alone. Whatever the actual reason smoking can be harmful to the human body? Here's 10 reasons why smoking is called dangerous.

1. Make Blindness

Probably for most people, smoking can only mebahayakan the lungs but it turns out that some of the research carried out by researchers at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) says other things you won't expect. Based on the research note that the smoke turned out to be not only harmful to the lungs but can also endanger the health of the eyes. According to the CDC, cigarette smoke can increase the risk of cataracts, macular makular, as well as damage to the optic nerve that can finally culminate with blindness.

2. Make your breath Smell

This is not new anymore. One of the reasons why smokers often avoided and seen bad is because of the sederhanya they have unpleasant breath odor alias. But it's not just the smell of smoking, but it turns out that smoking can cause severe mouth odors that are difficult to be eliminated.

In addition to the known can kill the good bacteria in the mouth, smoking can also cause digestive problems and a throat infection that eventually leads to unpleasant aroma of the oral cavity. Another reason of bad breath is because smoking can cause canker sores, as well as the palate smokers will often enclosed smoking residue that causes red spots on the roof of the mouth.

3. Create a stain on Teeth

Cigarettes contain tar and that was the thing that is most often discussed as one of the most dangerous cigarette. The tar itself is a kind of chemical materials which can also be found on the coal, timber, and peat. In the human mouth, Tar will stick in your teeth and it is not easy to be removed either with a toothbrush or rinse out. This is the reason why usually smokers will have smudges smoking on their teeth.

In addition to leaving the yellow color of the teeth, smoking can also increase the production of saliva which causes the Tar increasingly spread in the mouth. This is also the reason why smokers often spit.

4. Make bones Brittle

Some of the studies that have been done found that smoking can reduce the amount of calcium in bones. Reduced number of calcium can result in bone density will be increasingly reduced and resulted in one of the most common bone disease sounds, namely osteoporosis and joint pain. Calcium deficiencies can also lead to reduced strength of teeth in the bottom jaw.

In addition to resulting in a vulnerable bone fractures, healing of wounds or injuries from smokers also usually longer when compared to non-smokers. On women smoking can also affect the hormone estrogen. One of the benefits of the hormone oestrogen itself is for women of age, they can prevent the onset of crack on the bone.

5. Erectile dysfunction

If you are a smoker and start feeling the erection difficulty then it is possible that the rokoklah be the main cause of his difficult erections. The difficulty of erection in men this is because smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels that lead directly to the difficulty of maintaining an erection (because smoking decreases the blood sirkuliasi in the penis). The chemicals contained in cigarettes also affects blood circulation to the penis, and also led to the blockage in the arteries that impedes blood flow to part of the intimate the men.
6. Cause of premature ejaculation and Libido

 It's still linked with sexual things. Smoking can cause what is called with premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a common condition that usually experienced by most men aged, but turned out to be a case of premature ejaculation is quite often found in young men who love to smoke. The reason of premature ejaculation can occur is because smoking can interfere with blood circulation, lowers the resistance men sex, heart disease, as well as stamina is reduced. When all these factors are combined into one then it will result in the disruption of the male reproductive system that ended with premature ejaculation.

In addition, research conducted at the University of Arizona stated that in addition to affecting the stamina man, smoking can also directly affect men's sexual arousal. Other similar studies were also conducted at the University of Kentucky found that male smokers are good although they are still young, will experience a lack of a sense of keen to perform sexual activity than men who don't smoke.

7. The Lung Damage

In smoking there are a great many various harmful chemicals which can be attached to the lungs, air circulation, and the entire human body. It's not hard, you can see a comparison between healthy lungs and lungs of smokers in the picture above. Substances that attach to the lung can cause blockages so that menyebakan breathing difficulties as well as lower lung function in maintaining the intake of oxygen in our bodies.

The research also revealed that smoking can cause lung disease such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), empisema, chronic bronchitis, lung infections, asthma, and also increased the risk of someone stricken with tuberculosis.

8. The Weakening of the heart

In addition to the lungs, smoking was also influential on the heart of man. The CDC said that a smoker has a risk of up to 4 times greater of developing coronary heart disease and stroke than people who did not smoke. The reason is because the chemicals contained in cigarettes can make the blood becomes more viscous which can led to the occurrence of blockage of blood vessels. Smoking can also cause the onset of narrowing of the arteries and decrease blood pressure.

So imagine a condition in which blood vessels are narrowed, the blood is thick, teknan blood is reduced, as well as obstruction-blockage in the flow of blood. What will happen?

9. Lead to wrinkles and premature aging

Every human being will certainly get old and it cannot be denied, but we keep trying to fight it. Either by using face cream, diet, until all that plastic surgery is one of the forms of human ways to fight aging. But did you know that the various ways that it is not going to be effective if you smoke, this is because smoking will lead to wrinkles and premature aging. Smoking can cause wrinkles-wrinkles on the face, puffy eyes, dry, dull skin and not bright.

The reason of all this is because of the chemicals in cigarettes can interfere with blood circulation in the skin. The flow of blood and oxygen to become disrupted, thereby making the skin look dull and appearance of wrinkles as it occurs also in the elderly.

10. Smoking causes cancer

We already know a lot of the negative facts of smoking, but most we often hear is actually the smoke can lead to one of the deadliest diseases in the world, namely lung cancer. But it turns out that apart from lung cancer, smoking can also lead to many other deadly cancers such as cancers of the nose, mouth, vocal cords, throat, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, cervix, bone marrow back to red blood cells.

Why smoking is very harmful to the body? Because it starts from someone lit a cigarette only fruit until he breathed his first smoke, can cause a range of adverse effects and disasters on her body. Of the 41,000 substances hazardous chemicals contained in cigarettes, most of the substance is a substance that can cause cancer. These chemical substances when combined with heat from the smoke can lead to mutations of the body's cells so uncontrollable and ended up on a variety of deadly diseases.


By knowing the various dangers of smoking as mentioned above, whether you are a smoker or not, at least we can teach the next generation to avoid the dangers of smoking.

Treating Heartburn With Natural Remedies

Treating Heartburn With Natural Remedies


The condition of the heat in the often described with a throat condition, the pain to swallow, canker sores, dry lips, and constipation. Most people immediately drink a refreshing drinks to treat the condition. However, did you know, it's hot in pain should not be ignored? There is heat in its own appropriate remedy symptoms of the disease. Let's check out the hot drug in what to try.

Know first what was hot in

The hot conditions in which often you feel actually does not exist in the medical world. According to Dr. T Bahdar Johan, Sp. PD, who quoted from Kapoww, he said that, in the heat is not really a disease. Heat in itself be a symptom of the disease that attacks the part of the mouth, throat and digestive system.

The word "hot" originally appeared because of traditional Chinese medicine. Where the ancient Chinese physicians believe the existence of Yin and Yang balance, including in the human body itself.

Well, while excess body heat in or out of balance, doctors believe that there will be effects such as throat aches, body limp, mouth ulcers and digestive system problematic. Thus, physicians often treat with fresh drinks which could quell the heat in the body.

But actually hot in that you feel is a symptom of a disease condition. An example of the existence of a sore throat, it could indicate that there is inflammation in the body or it could be because the tonsils. Chapped lips and mouth ulcers could be due to Your lack of drinking water or dehydration. While digestion could be problematic because you are eating less fibrous foods and vitamins. So, if you feel the symptoms of heartburn, it is better to see a doctor to be examined what his illness, Yes.

Heat in natural medicine

You should see a doctor if exposed to heat in. However, you could do while handling due to the discomfort of the heat in. Following the natural heat in while drug that can be used in accordance with the symptoms that you feel:

1. Gargle salt water

If you experience the characteristics of heat in such as sore throats and canker sores, try to gargle salt water. Salt water can be so hot in the drug that helps relieve sore throats and canker sores.

How, to prepare a glass of warm water and mix 1.5 teaspoons salt. Gargle in the throat for the last 10-15 seconds. For canker sores, gargle around the mouth for 15 seconds and then gargle the water waste. Repeat 1-3 times a day to relieve the pain of canker sores and throat.

2. Herb ginger juice, honey and lemon

Remedy hot in this one requires one teaspoon each ground ginger and honey, 1/2 cups of hot water, and 1⁄2 lemon juice which squeezed. Seduh ground ginger with warm water, add lemon juice and honey, and then gargle. Honey and Ginger can relieve pain in the throat due to the antibacterial content got lighter.

3. Eat a vegetable and fruit

Remedy for constipation symptoms heat in this one easy just obtained. You are advised to eat fibrous vegetables and fruit. Generally constipation is caused because the body lack fiber. Fiber needed bowel and digestive system to process the food you eat.

It is recommended to eat vegetables and fruit with bright colors. Examples include carrots, eggplant, fruit, papaya and oranges. Vegetables and fruits contain enough fiber for constipation are digestives.

4. Drink plenty of plain water

Drinking water can be a lot of white heat in the drug with symptoms such as chapped lips and dry throat. Therefore, make sure your body is drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can also replace lost body fluids.

5. Honey

Honey can be a remedy in the heat with symptoms of sore throat. It is recommended to drink pure honey, not honey packaging. Honey packaging generally contain additional sugar can make your throat the more sick.

You can also drink the honey mixed with a glass of warm water or tea. In addition to the problem of dry chapped lips, simply apply the honey of each going to bed. Honey can damming and sublimate your lips.

4 Testosterone Supplement Dangers If Drunk Carelessly

4 Testosterone Supplement Dangers If Drunk Carelessly


Testesteron is a hormone that can increase sexual desire, sperm production, bone strength, muscle mass as well as men. Unfortunately, as you get testosterone levels in the body of men has decreased. For the sake of avoiding a decrease in sexual function and a range of health problems, there is a little man who choose to consume testosterone supplements. However, if testosterone supplements safe to drink? Find out the answer here.

Testosterone supplements store health hazard

Testosterone supplements actually made not without reason. In addition to increasing the sexual arousal while making love, these supplements can also help to treat men who have the disease of Hypogonadism, that condition when the testosterone levels in the body is too low.

But even though research shows positive results, this supplement was in fact also keeps the danger that poses health risks.

Some of the risks of testosterone supplement dangers which can occur include:

1. Disorders of the heart

The use of long-term Testosterone therapy seems to have a risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart attack, stroke, and death from heart disease.

This is proven in a study reported in The New England Journal of Medicine. In the research note that men over 65 years who use testosterone gel higher risk of experiencing heart disorders.

Other research also shows similar things. In fact, grown man nor the elderly are equally risky had a heart attack while taking testosterone supplements.

2. Disorders of prostate

Another study conducted years of 2014 found that Testosterone therapy may increase the risk of prostate cancer in mice males. Although he performed on rats, results of a study published in the journal Endocrinology is alleged to have similar potential side effects if used in men.

However, further research is still needed in humans to ensure the results of this study.

3. the metabolic syndrome

Men who drink supplements testosterone levels are known to have lower HDL cholesterol. But this one belongs to the type of cholesterol is good and needed by the body.

If left for a long time, men of age is likely to develop metabolic syndrome, which is a "collection" of various health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

4. Other issues

Testosterone supplements also can trigger acne, respiratory disturbances during sleep (sleep apnea), breast enlargement, or swelling in the ankle.

Not only that. Hormone supplements may also increase the risk of blood clots that form in the veins. If left without proper treatment, this condition can be caused pulmonary emboli.
Always consulting a doctor before taking the supplement

For the person who does have certain conditions, such as Hypogonadism, Testosterone therapy may be able to provide benefits that are greater than the risks. However, for some of the other men, the use of these supplements could have the opposite effect.

Therefore, this supplement before drinking, it's good you consult a doctor beforehand. A doctor can help you determine the best treatments to increase the levels of testosterone hormone which safely and in accordance with your condition.

Your doctor may also suggest natural ways to increase testosterone, such as weight loss and increase muscle mass through exercise endurance.

So consider well before you use this supplement. Do not let the desire to enhance sexual arousal thus making you more susceptible variety of dangerous health disorders.

Achy body After Sex? May 3 Is the cause

Achy body After Sex? May 3 Is the cause


The body of the wake-up time, sore surely makes the mood so bad. Try to remember-remember back, what you did before. Don't get me wrong, the sore and pain is not just caused by exercise alone, but also sex. How can? Want to know why the body feels sore after sex? Yuk, find out its cause.

The cause of the body feels sore after sex

Feel pain in sex organs after sex is indeed common. Not only that, the Agency could also be Achy or even sick. Body sore and pain occurs when muscles become tense or stressful because it used too much. Well, the condition can occur when you perform an intimate relationship.

There are a few things that widened the puppeteer why your body feels sore and sore after flirt, among others :

1. Sex positions that are less appropriate

Want to get new sensations in your lovemaking? Trying different sex positions could be the choice. However, not all positions will feel comfortable. Even could make a body feels sore and aching. Especially if you have problems with the muscles, joints, or bone. People with these conditions, we recommend that you choose a position that does not cause excess pressure on the troubled area.

People who are healthy condition can also just experienced this, especially if the sex positions chosen extreme enough aka hard to do, for example the position of a standing 69. This position is usually done while lying down, and even performed in a standing position. It means that the man must withstand a load of female body that relies on her body.

Sex positions which complicate this very likely make you not nyama, even anxious while doing so. Well, it is this feeling that can increase muscle tension so that the Agency could make a possibility so sore later.

2. For too long in one position sex 

Does not vary much with sports or other activities, performing an intimate relationship also need energy. So, the fair sex, body after doing so feels tired. Your muscles which should rest in the evening after work, having to go the extra mile. That is why the muscles can cause fatigue and a sense of weariness keesokkan day.

Especially if you and your spouse do one sex positions in sufficient time, such as the doggy style position. How not to make tired, this position requires women to endure the body burden and encouragement.

The muscles around the arms and wrists would stiffen and can cause soreness. Pain on the body can also occur due to strong handling of the couple on your body.

3. Sex BDSM
You may be unfamiliar with the term BDSM sex. However, if you ever watch the movie Fifty Shade of Grey, such is his depiction. If translated to sex BDSM is bondage, sadomasochism, and dicipline.

This sex activity conducted between a dominant role (in control) and submisif (conforming), which involves matters that shape the violence and pain. However, this was not done in sex was forced, but rather of mutual agreement. The violence that they experience the fun and get satisfaction.

Then, what to do with the body feels sore after sex? BDSM sex usually involves handcuffs, ice cubes, feathers, or lashes. These tools help their running game, such as binding or menyambuk.  This is a rough game that impressed that can stimulate your nerves to give a response sick or sore on the body.

6 juice for Healthy Pregnancy pregnant women and fetus

According to the British Dietetic Association in the United Kingdom, 70 percent of the human body contains water. Not surprisingly, if water intake is also becoming important for pregnant women. Fluid intake alone you can get from a variety of sources, one of them from a fruit or vegetable juice. Consuming the juice for the right of pregnant women and not only meets the needs of Your fluid intake, but can also provide additional intake in the form of vitamins and minerals.
How the rules of drinking the juice for pregnant women?

The juice is safe for pregnant women is a juice made from fruit or vegetables.

Preferably, avoid juice with too much artificial sweeteners. Sugar can instead be contributing to excessive weight gain. Offered in the pages of the Livestrong, the Food and Drug Administration in the United States (the equivalent of Fda in Indonesia) said that pregnant women should avoid the juice that has not been pasteurized.

Pasteurization is a process of heating food with the intention of killing harmful organisms. This process also slows the growth of bacteria on food and drinks. Pregnant women particularly vulnerable to experiencing a disease caused by a bacterial infection in the food and drink.

If you choose fruit juice packaging, check back any content in it before you buy it. Make sure jusnya also been pasteurized.

If you want to make your own juice, make sure it's clean and the fruit is still fresh. This is to reduce the number of bacteria, and drink as soon as you make it.

What kind of juice for pregnant women that are rich in nutrients ?

Here are a few types of fruit and vegetable juice for the expectant mother. You can mix some fruit or consume one type alone in your juice.

1. Orange juice

The juice that is rich in nutrients for pregnant women one is orange juice. An orange is a fruit that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and water. Orange is one of the fruits that contain sources of folic acid. Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that helps prevent tejadinya fetal defects, such as defects in the brain and spine.

In addition to the rich in folic acid, citrus is a source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C and antioxidants is good blend to ward off free radicals to inhibit the onset of cell damage.

Not only that, vitamin C will help the body to absorb iron from plant foods, especially in more optimal.

In addition, a slightly acidic citrus flavor could relieve people who are experiencing nausea. On the early trimester typically nausea is more likely to occur. Orange could be one of the appropriate options to address them.

2. Mango Juice

Mango fruit high in vitamins A, C and B6 which is good for the needs of pregnant women. Calories of one fruit mango can provide additional energy for the expectant mother as much as more than 50 calories.

Vitamin C and vitamin A sorely needed in the formation of the body's defense system is also in the body of the mother or fetus. Vitamin B6 is essential for brain function and nervous system of a fetus that is growing and growing.

In addition, the natural sweetness of the mango adds to the enjoyment of the fruits of this without the need to add sugar when made into juice.

3. banana Juice

In addition to being eaten directly, the banana turns can also be enjoyed in the form of juice. The banana is a fruit which is rich source of potassium. Bananas contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, and fiber.

Mostly, women while pregnant is experiencing constipation which is caused due to the pressure of the womb to the gut, a psychic condition too worried or nervous during pregnancy. By consuming bananas, this can help reduce constipation experienced by pregnant women. Nausea and vomiting will be muted by the bananas are rich in vitamin B6.

Bananas also suitable when blended and mixed with various other fruit such as strawberries, apples, and lemon.

4. Carrot juice

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, iron, magnesium, vitamin B, potassium, and magnesium. Vegetables rich in vitamin A is very important for the development of bones, teeth, and eyes of the fetus.

Content in carrots can also help to repair the skin. Usually, some pregnant women experience a change of skin conditions from the side effects of her pregnancy.

Content in carrots can help reduce scarring arising on the skin. Consumption of carrot juice in a reasonable amount, at least in one day consumption of a glass of carrot juice is enough while combined with your food more. Because, too much vitamin A in the body can become a dangerous poison for the body.

5. Avocado Juice

The avocado is a fruit that is also rich in folic acid and also rich:
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin K
  • Fiber
  • Kolin
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Iron
Contents that help overcome the symptoms of nausea and relieve cramping legs are common on occur in pregnant women. Kolin in the avocado is also very important for the development of the baby's nerve. A deficiency can lead to defective tubes kolin nerve damage and memory.

In addition, the avocado is also a fruit containing fat not saturated. Half avocado fruit sized about 60 grams can provide energy of 50 calories, and contains 5 grams of fat not saturated is needed by the body of pregnant women.

No wonder, if making juice from the avocado may be the right choice to meet their energy needs while helping to reduce symptoms common in pregnancy.
6. Apple juice
Other juice are beneficial to the health of pregnant women is the juice of apples. An Apple is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A and fiber. A study showed that pregnant women who are consuming apples regularly have a lower risk for giving birth to children with asthma and allergies.

Nutrient content of apples is also very good to help strengthen the immune system (immune) body.

How to order for fast website receive google adsense

How to order for fast website receive google adsense

Where are the bloggers who are not familiar with google adsense, google adsense is a service of PPC (pay per click) that is quite lucrative for the majority of bloggers, an awful lot of bloggers who wish to ACC filing advertising of blogs so that google adsense can made into a field looking for money, in addition to the ads that are so responsive and looks very ellegant, google adsense also pay the nominal with publishernya wow, just imagine for a single click on the adsense ads can penetrate up to 100 thousand dollars.

To register a non hosted blog is indeed easy for approval, but to register a non hosted blog is indeed very difficult due to many differences from google adsense google adsense and hosted a non hosted. check out a good explanation in advance from google adsense hosted and non-hosted here:

AdSense non hosted meaning partners register the domain TLD through adsense that requires its own hosting, adsense profits in non hosted her own you guys able to register 500 more domains to monetize on adsense by google, so the opportunities for get greater income increasingly promising.

AdSense Hosted is Hosted using the service are already available from google itself, such as blogspot, youtube, admoband and to monetize via adsense hosted its own category when minimized is in compliance and proper to monetize by adsense.

If you already know about the difference google adsense accounts hosted and non-hosted, then register the blog before you guys to read you guys should monetize in the first article below:

1. Blog content Should Work on its own (not Copy Paste)

Google Adsense is very anti against the publishernya who love copy and paste results from the exertion of others when creating articles, hence the blog you guys will be on view by google about content and check out many times before in the ACC.

2. Content should not Flavorful Pornography

Pornography here when you guys make a photo content which is indecent or pornographic video that smells of google as a provider will reject the submission you guys because it does not comply with the requirements of the Adsense category.

3. Content that is protected by copyright

Do you guys know that google often banning the filing of the bloggers? It is because of the content of the content on the blog you guys that there is a copyright of someone like photos or videos contained a link or text that lead to a given site.

4. The amount of the content

You guys at least 20 already have more content before registering on the accounts of non hosted, so perbanyaklah content with category numbers 1, 2 and 3 I mentioned above.

5. Traffic Results Organic Search

Traffic results from organic search deeply in love about google adsense, so categories organic search is itself a result of visitors that search for keywords in the google search engine and click on the site you guys.

That's the way to register a blog you guys on my adsense account non hosted so soon in the ACC and can immediately play dollars.


as we have know that the plot of the movie Game of Thrones does have lots of surprise in each season. for example, in episode 10 in the 5th season of the majority of the audience who thought the story would get a "happy ending" for each of the main characters involved. Especially Jon Snow's "played by Kit Harington Stannis Baratheon " and played by Stephen Dillane ".

But apparently the Director delivers a surprise at the last episode of season 5, because the lovers series Game of Thrones, featuring scenes of the main characters Jon Snow that sticks by his colleagues himself, who is also the same Member Night Watch.

The scene starts at the time Jon Snow recently returned from the battle against White Walkers. Once he's at Castle Black, Jon Snow was called out of the room by his colleagues and told Jon that the Wildling is likely to have found his uncle Benjen Stark i.e. missing.

SELA shortly after Jon Snow out of his room, Jon else and then attacked in volley by its own members of the fraternal members of the Night Watch who subsequently stabbed her until she was covered in blood and lying she died the world in that spot anyway. As for Stannis Baratheon is told that eventually serve also in the hands of Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) and then vowed to become a patron of House Baratheon.

This of course makes the audience its customer becomes curious, even to the extent that most of the audience guessing if Jon Snow will be living back in season 6 Game of Thrones and later it turns out that indeed such, that Jon Snow back to life.

It not only tells the story of the life of the return of Jon Snow, Season 6 on Game of Thrones, there are a lot of surprises other scenes, storyboard of lainnyapun also dye this season flow, good watch.