Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Film series Game of Thrones is a series of classic works of fantasy novel by George r. r. Martin's "A Song on Ice and Fire". The novel was made into a TV series by Home Box Office (HBO) are currently rising through the films of other series, such as the Broadwalk Empire, etc.

Game of Thrones tells about the seizure of the throne by the seven kingdoms in an area called Westeros. Game of Thrones is started from news coverage of the death of Jon Arryn as his right hand the King died of fever that never healed. The death of Jon Arryn has brought grief to the King who was being enthroned i.e.  "Robert Baratheon " until at last the King went to the residence of the Winterfall close his friends namely Eddard Stark " ". As a Knight who already hold the oath of allegiance to the King of the Seven Kingdoms for a lifetime then inevitably  Eddark  "Stark" inevitably has to be the right hand of the King on the other hand though Catelyn Stark " ", wife of Star Eddad is not her husband wants to become the right hand of the King's "Robert Baratheon ".

In the midst of the request's "King Robert Baratheon " to Eddard Stark " ", one of the children from families of Stark, namely Bran Stark " " accidentally saw the King's wife Cersei Lannister " " middle sex with twins not identiknya own  "Jaime Lannister ". A result of this, Jaime deliberately pushed the son of Edd Stark i.e.  "Bran Stark " so that he does not divulge his secret but unfortunately these efforts failed because the Bran Stark " " ultimately stay alive even though he ended up paralyzed.

On the other hand away from the North and the South which is constrained by the Narrow Sea, Viserys Targaryen " " plan to take the throne, which was being led by King Robert Baratheon " " by marrying the sister of twins is not identiknya Daenerys Targaryen Gagaku " " by Khal Drogo " " with Exchange over his sister with forces belonging to Khal Drogo " " to deliver Viserys seize the throne Baratheon.

In the midst of struggle for a better culture came to be a conversation between the marriage of the son of Robert Baratheon's actual results relationships insect children Jaime Lennister with Cersei Lennister Joffrey Baratheon Gagaku " "  "Sansa Stark's "eldest daughter Edd Stark though from Sansa itself highly approve of the marriage and had hoped to become the Queen of the seven kingdoms.