Thursday, January 31, 2019


Continuing the previous reviews about the epic TV series Game of Thrones season 1 story continues of course with an increasingly mature character development as well as an increasingly exciting conflict, there are several new characters that appear in the Game of Thrones of Season 2.

The eldest son of King Robert Baratheon " " i.e. Joffrey managed to occupy the Iron Throne while Eddard Stark " " was punished by an angular Joffrey for the sake of uncovering the secrets of the Kingdom namely foul secrets about child incest  "Jaime Lennister " and  " Cersei Lennister  ", on the other hand the son of son of Ned Stark separated from each other with an assortment of stories anyway and Daenerys Targaryen"   "successfully incubate 3 Dragon eggs last.  "Robb Stark's" eldest son of Eddard Stark was appointed the Lord of Winterfell, with its status has become King of the North he assembled the Lord from the North to fight King Joffrey Baratheon " " and clan Lannister, surely command it followed and was well received by the lord that has been uttered vows allegiance to lord  "Eddard Stark ". A war between clan will return raged and the more exciting.

On the other hand Stannis Baratheon " " which also did not accept his accession over the eldest son of Robert Baratheon " " Joffrey Baratheon banners unfurled ready also of the Dragonstone for battle, he always along with lord devoted i.e. Ser Davos and the red-haired witch bearer of teachings of the Lord of the Light Melisandre. Their ambition is to take back the throne, Stannis Baratheon because " " is the younger brother of the late King's bladder "Robert Baratheon " is the legitimate heir to the throne of the Kingdom of the Iron Throne.

Lannister family also did not silence,  "Tywin Lannister's" the lord of the castle rock also collects terkuatnya forces to guard the Kings Landing as well as participate battle the rebellious clan Joffrey's leadership.  Lennister  "" Tywin was also appointed as a Hand of The King, but for a while, he passed it on her youngest son that Tyrion Lannister's flawed "" because he was the face of the war.