Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Overcoming Android Black and White or Gray Colors

In the realm of Android, I don't really understand, but because I've experienced it, I will try to share the Tutorial to Overcome the Color of the Android Screen Black and White or Gray back here.

Yesterday there was one customer who complained that the appearance of his android screen suddenly turned black and white, or gray, I was also confused because he was the first time seeing a screen of an Android phone that turned gray.

To correct the above problems please follow these step. First, please try to open your Android Settings / Settings menu then please try to find the accessibility menu there later you will find options for Vision or Invert Colors, there may be other options but I am sure there are other terms for each Mobile phone factory. if there please please uncheck or select just turn it off.

Finished. Hopefully it can help resolve your problem. May be useful.