Monday, February 11, 2019

8 types of Coffee that exists only in Indonesia

Coffee is a drink of coffee beans BREW results that have been mashed into powder so previously.

Two varieties of coffee tree known in general i.e. Robusta (Coffea canephora) and Arabica coffee (Coffea Arabica). Both types of coffee has a different species.

The difference lies in the general sense, a condition where two species grow and economical differences. A matter of taste, a flavor variation Arabica varieties, sweet, soft, strong and sharp.

Whereas robusta has a neutral taste, flavour variations which are similar to corn and roasted peanuts aromas before the beans are more felt.

Indonesia is one of the country's producers and exporters of coffee in the world, has an ideal climate for coffee production and therefore the estate established in other areas such as Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi.

To date, Indonesia coffee plantations covering 1.24 million hectares, 933 hectares of plantations robusta and Arabica plantations 307 acres.

To better know the coffee origin country, the following 8 typical coffee only in Indonesia:

1. Luwak coffee

Kopi Luwak is coffee BREW that comes from coffee beans taken from the rest of Civet droppings or Palm Civet.

Civet coffee beans has a different taste after eaten and passed through the digestive tract of Civet. Civet coffee has been known since the 1980 's, this is the most expensive coffee beans in the world at a price of $100 per 450 gram!

You want to enjoy this coffee with traditional presentation? This presentation by putting Civet coffee to brew a Cup, with hot water (not too hot) water ketinggan to 2 cm from the surface of the coffee, sugar may be added as a sweetener.

The rest of the hot water is heated again until the last really hot and boiling, pour it into a glass of hot water last to the neck of a glass, and close the glass is then stirred.

After 4-5 minutes, silenced the coffee ready served.

2. Toraja coffee

Toraja coffee comes from the Highlands of Tana Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi. Coffee is famous for its delicacy, extraordinary taste unique. There are two types of Toraja coffee i.e. Coffee
Toraja Toraja Coffee Arabica and Robusta.

Both types of coffee has a pretty low acid content, there are two kinds of differences in caffeine content contained on each type of coffee.

Toraja coffee has different characteristics with other types of coffee market. This coffee has a unique and distinctive taste, there are elements of the taste of the ground coffee.

Bitter taste sensation directly lost moment when drunk first, so it doesn't leave a bitter taste. To enjoy the thrill of this coffee, serving suggestions using coffee tubruk.
3. Coffee Lanang

Lanang coffee comes from Bayuwangi, East Java, can grow in a temperature of 20o-30oC at an altitude of 1800 mdpl. Coffee named Lanang because it forms a single coffee beans, round and
No hooves like coffee beans common hydrides.

Copies can be produced from this type of Lanang Robusta coffee and coffee Arabica.

For the aromas and flavors of coffee, more powerful than regular coffee because it contains many compounds of Tribulus Terrestris that is a popular herbal supplement that is capable of
increase testosterone levels, passionate sex and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

With content like above, this coffee is believed to increase the vitality of men and 2.1% of the caffeine content, coffee selling points is more than coffee tnggi in General.
4. Coffee Kintamani
Coffee Kintamani comes from Kintamani, Bangli, Bali. It is one of three coffee Indonesia which has got an Unique geographical indication, known by the name of geographical indications.

Kintamani is on the cool high-ranking so coffee can be grown in this region sumbur. This type of coffee is grown with intercropping together with other plants, such as Orange
and vegetables.

For flavor, taste the unique Kintamani Coffee i.e. taste sour and fresh fruit, due to the influence of intercropping systems of yesteryear.

In addition to fruit flavours, coffee has flavors that are soft and not heavy and processed through the process of wet or wet processed.

5. Coffee Gayo Aceh
Aceh's Gayo coffee comes from the porch of Mecca, Aceh. The majority of the community farmed coffee Gayo. Arabica dominated this type of coffee Arabica coffee production so that it generates
is the largest in Asia.

Gayo in Aceh coffee has a typical race, that bitter taste which is not left behind dilidah, even bitter taste barely feels in this coffee. Fragrant coffee, savory, bitter taste without exceeding the
Blue Mountain coffee flavour that comes from Jamaica.

One interesting thing about this is the coffee plantation of coffee is grown organically.

6. Coffee Wamena

The coffee comes from Papua Wamena, Indonesia's eastern region. Growing up in ketinggal with a temperature of 20oC mdpl 1,500, making coffee with a mild flavour with a content
a sharp fragrance.

Papua Wamena has an acidity level of rencah, because of the geographical location and the structure of the soil that supports for the growth of coffee. High quality coffee is supported by farmers to plant coffee is organic, not using chemicals that could affect the course of coffee produced.

For you coffee lovers, light textures, minimal Lees, fragrant and not acid this is the right choice.

7. Coffee Flores Bajawa

Flores coffee Bajawa comes from the rugged terrain of Flores, many volcanoes active and inactive. Ash from the volcano is this land fertile Andosols creates and ideal for the growth of organic coffee.

It grows at altitudes of 1,200 – 1,800 mdpl on the hillside and planted under shade trees, agricultural flat surface wet process.

Flores coffee has a sense of timeless enough compared to other coffee. The scent is quite long, so coffee is widely sought by connoisseurs of coffee ditanah water.

Flores coffee Bajawa produced by farmer groups in Ngada Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, organically grown and processed by a local plantation.

8. Java Coffee

In terms of name, coffee comes from Java. This coffee has a flavour of its own. The aroma of the spices tasted naturally makes this type of coffee can be enjoyed due to the different characteristics of the other types of coffee.

Although Java Coffee not as strong as the type of coffee that has been described above, it is able to mimikat coffee lovers coffee with its own class. Java coffee through the process of wet milled so that the taste is too strong.

Although not as famous as the origin of Sulawesi and Sumatra coffee, not all coffee in Indonesia was able to produce a coffee-scented herb. The most famous coffee are Blawan and Jampit.

Old Javanese coffee beans is called old-brown great shape, and low levels of acid.