Friday, February 01, 2019


On Game of Thrones Season 3 this time includes the start of winter in the northern region of Westeros. The fall season has been unfolding in Westeros while winter is no longer will hit the Westeros. Residents of the Seven Kingdoms have to prepare yourself from exposure to prolonged winter, but the Kingdom in Westeros-culture-on the contrary, they continue to war with each other and forget about the winter that will soon befall Seven Kingdoms. On the other hand King Joffrey Baratheon " " has won a major victory with the alliances with the House Tyrell by marrying a daughter of House Tyrell, and in Season 3 it also occurs between Stannis Baratheon " " who attacked king landing but King's "Joffrey Baratheon " still manages to maintain the King's Landing.

King's "Robb Stark's" are still told in the North to seek alliances, but in his birthplace, Winterfell was snatched away by the family of Iron Born. Robb will need to decide the actions and set up strategies to win the victory of the reclaim Winterfell and the Seven Kingdoms.  "Robb Stark's" joint forces devoted towards Frey House to collect a return oath vows Frey House on House Stark back, Lord Frey House wanted wedding  "Robb Stark's" with the daughter of Frey's House as a symbol of their Alliance, but  "Robb Stark  "instead married other people and ultimately Family Frey House feel insulted and kill " Robb Stark's "as well as his Mother on a junket at the night. 

On the Eastern Continent,  "Daenerys Targaryen " was organizing his forces and invites on East kingdoms for the faithful to him, she accidentally swapping one of his Dragon and the Dragon Exchange with 10,000 combat troops of the famous slave his prowess in the war's "Unsullied " but bartering it is just another trick Daenerys Targaryen " " to relieve the soldiers right  "Unsullied " because the Dragon is not a slave and the Dragon will stay back to Daenerys Targaryen " ". After the  "Unsullied " is subject to him he ordered to kill the entire employer and they are freed from bondage, and welcome if the partners are not willing to conquer the Seven kingdoms with Daenerys Targaryen " " to go, but an entire army of Unsullied " " remained faithful to his Queen Daenerys Targaryen " ".

Far north there beyond the Wall,  "Night Walker " began to move southward to invade Seven Kingdoms and the Wildling. While keeping forces Wall's "Night Watch" Wildling threat  and  "Jon Snow's" being the main protagonist in the war.