Sunday, February 10, 2019



On game of Thrones Season 4 opens with a scene of a blacksmith who forges a Valyrian Steel sword belonging to return  "Eddard Stark ". and  "Tywin Lannister " then burn the scabbard in the shape of a wolf that. Rains of Castamere plaques accompanied the scene.

 Tywin Lannister " " gives one of the Valyrian sword (originally the hell there is only one sword and besarsekali but contrived to become two swords by the clever iron) at the favourite son i.e.  "Jaime Lannister ". Whereas the other sword given to  "Joffrey Baratheon " at the time of her marriage later the same Princess from the House of Tyrell. on the other hand Tyrion Lannister " " welcome Prince Oberyn " " of Dorne which will be a guest at the marriage of Joffrey Baratheon " ". Prince Oberyn is very hated on because he thought death Lannisters family Elijah, the younger brother of Prince Oberyn who is also the wife of Rhaegar Targaryen " ", due to the behavior of The Mountain where his men Tywin Lannister " ".

On the other hand  "Sansa Stark " still mourn the death of his elder brother Robb Stark " ", and his mother, Catelyn Stark " ". Sansa praying gods wood (Northern people made sense as a tree). In the distance the Middle Jaime tell Brienne that girl who prayed on the tree is one of the daughters of the Queen of Catelyn Stark and he vowed to take care of her. After Sansa pray he returns to the Castle, but he felt that follow. There is not another person that is a former Knight who is stripped of his honour by the Joffrey, Ser Dontos name. SER Dontos, formerly played on the Name Day Joffrey Ser Dontos drunk but due to King Joffrey wanted to punish them by imposing Ser Dantos to drink Wine as many to death. Fortunately the Sansa Stark knocks him out and he was saved from death. Well at the meeting this time Ser Dontos give a necklace as a token of gratitude to Sansa Stark. But it turns out the necklace contains a poison that will kill the Joffrey on the feast of marriage to Margaery Tyrell.

Finally there is the wedding of King Joffrey he died akkarena ate the Pie turned out to be toxic, the Joffrey's death turned out to be masterminded by Princes Ollenna, Grandma Margaery, with Lord Baelish. While Cersei accused Tyrion (her Midget) who poisoned Joffrey because the wedding lasted Joffrey oppressive Uncle ituhingga was told to charge a cup that he accidentally drop it to the ground. Finally Tyrion was detained temporarily and Sansa brought blur by Ser Dontos to be escorted on a boat that will take the Sansa to the Eyrie, where her aunt Lysa. And it turns out that the boat belonged to Baelish.

Meanwhile Jon Snow managed to return to Castle Black with body condition embedded arrow Ygritte. After recovering Jon had talked to Sam problem his half-brother, Robb, after he heard the news about the death of Robb and Catelyn in The Twins. The point Jon always envious of what is owned by Robb, how his father, Ned Stark, looking on Robb and he wanted to get the same look from his father. But he could never hate that his half brother.

After that Jon Maester Aemon and called by some of the top brass in the night's Watch for trial. Yes Jon Snow considered traitorous because killing a fellow friend of night's Watch, Qhorin Halfhand, allied with the wildling, and making love to women who where all that breaking the oath of Member of the night's Watch. Maester Aemon but then forgive him because of the fewer number of night's Watch. Leaving only nothing more than 50 people.

the guards reported that the number of people who reach the wildling 100rb will invade The Wall. While the beyond-the-wall still alive some of the night's Watch who killed the rebel Lord Commander Mormont in the home of Craster. Mance Rayder, forces if the King of the wildling, it first find them, Jon fear the wildling will know the number of night's Watch live a little. Finally Jon initiative to go to the House to kill the Craster and avenge the Lord Commander on the rebels. Jon went with some Member of the night's Watch included Locke — the servants of Roose Bolton ordered search of Bran and Rickon — to the home of Craster. There Bran, Jojen, Meera, Hodor and held hostage by the rebels night's Watch, led by Karl. When Jon dkk attacked the House, Bran dkk managed to escape. Sebenernya sempet Bran liat Jon but prevented the same Jojen to call him because they have a different purpose and Jojen fear Bran undo his intention to meet a three-eyed Crow. At that time also just barely catch Locke Bran but he failed to trigger killed Hodor who possessed by Bran. Really not a SOAP anyway? Udah deket but failed to meet.

Long story short the same Jon Bran not so found. Meanwhile in the Eyrie Lysa caught Lord Baelish Sansa and kissed him furious. Lysa almost killed the Sansa with encouraging him to Moon Door but it does help because Lord Baelish trigger came and was able to convince Lysa reply loved is simply a Lysa. Here the facts astounding unfold. It turns out that Jon Arryn murdered was his own wife, Lysa, over the Messenger of Lord Baelish. And he who kills as if customize The Lannisters. So during this same Lannisters Starks pitted in the same sheep Baelish. Hih! Not until there, after encouraging him to run Lysa Baelish Moon Door. 

At the end of the story, Jaime freeing Tyrion who was arrested in the Red Keep. He told Varys Tyrion to bring to Pentos. Before going to Tyrion had killed Shae, his girlfriend, in the room of his father, Tywin. As well as killing the father who defecate.