Saturday, February 09, 2019

How To Cope With Caterpillars

Who does not know the caterpillars? According to small-sized animal with feathers that make the itching naturally became the scourge of every person. Then how to cope with caterpillars? Try reading how to exterminate caterpillars at home easily.

Caterpillars are indeed mnejengkelkan at once frightening. It enters the rainy season like this, small animals with variegated color it seems to invade indiscriminately. Almost every garden, agricultural land, houses and even accosted by caterpillars.

If feathers-about skin irritation occurs. The signs are usually the itching and swollen bumps on the skin. Sometimes also accompanied by a reddish hue to the skin. In some people, round fur could even trigger the allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock)

How To Cope With Caterpillars?

To cope with the attack of caterpillars could do with extermination. There are several ways that you can try starting from a simple way like being hit with a stone, iron, and wood or using chemical medications.

I summarize some way in addressing the caterpillars attack at home with ease. Here are the steps of controlling populations of caterpillars that you can try. Please follow to the end.

Exterminate Caterpillars with water

You can set up a bucket and fill it with water by half. Collect all the caterpillars seen with long tongs and then insert it into the water. The Caterpillar will drown naturally.

The Caterpillar of the dead disposed for granted because of toxins in the fur is still active. The tomb of the dead worms in the soil to make it more secure.

Exterminate Caterpillars with Burnt

How does belongs effectively to exterminate caterpillars directly. There are several types of caterpillars that feathers could fly if it's burning, but don't worry I have a solution.

Look for former biscuit tin box upper part so closed as cans Khong Guan. Shall burn some charcoal to embers and insert into the can.

Enter one by one, which you collect caterpillars into the cans until they caught fire. If it has been destroyed by fire, remove all the rest of the charcoal and the caterpillars into the hole in the ground and then buried.

Eradicate the Caterpillar with Rice Water

Actually, we can't kill the caterpillars with a used water washing rice, but using fermented rice water. This way belongs to difficult as harnessing of fungi Beauveria bassiana (BB) to be mixed in the rice water or coconut water.

Caterpillars are exposed to liquid fermentation of rice water within 3 days will die with a rigid body with mushrooms in the whole body. This way belongs to handling caterpillars organically and is safe for the environment.

Exterminate Caterpillars with garlic

Even though it has not been tested empirically, potency garlic known could make caterpillars not comes again. Essential content in garlic could make sense of heat and burn so the caterpillars felt uncomfortable and left.

To make it, take the 10 cloves garlic or 1 handheld and then puree. Mix with one bucket of water then filter with a clean cloth. Air filter insertresult into the sprayer or spray and then siramkan on caterpillars.

Exterminate Caterpillars with pesticides or Insecticides

This last option that you can select because chemicals in pesticides and insecticides are highly toxic and dangerous. I personally often wear with permethrin insecticide with trademark Mefisto.

Mefisto relatively safe to use if compared to other pesticides that are on the market. How to use it, mix 1 bottle cap Mefisto in 1 liter of water and enter in the sprayer. Spray on caterpillars then they will die quickly.