Saturday, February 02, 2019

How to evolution of Eevee in Pokemon GO

For lovers of the Pokemon Go is definitely no stranger to Pokemon Eevee, Pokemon Eevee is one Pokemon that is unique because it can be turned into many different types of Pokemon time evolved.

On Pokemon GO latest version, Eevee can transform into Flareon, Vaporeon and character Jolteon. While total Eeve could turn into 8 kinds. Unfortunately this Eevee change turned out to be random. But now there's an easy way to determine how changes in the Pokemon Eevee GO.

How to determine the evolution of Eevee in Pokemon GO

Although including unique Pokemon Eevee in Pokemon, but GO easy Pokemon including obtained. At least not as hard as getting a Pikachu, though not as easy as finding Doduo, Zubat and a Rattata. Well, let the evolution of Eevee is not random, you can try the following tips:

1. How the evolution of Eevee to Vaporeon 

Eevee evolutions Vaporeon is reportedly who has CP (Combat Power) than most of the others. As a water type Pokemon, Vaporeon weaknesses against grass-type Pokemon and electricity. Well, other than it took 25 Eevee Candy, you can evolution Eevee to Vaporeon by way :

  • Rename the Eevee to Rainer. In-game and movie, this is the name of the owner Rainer Vaporeon among Eevee Brother.

  • So the more perfect, choose Eeve who have skill Swift to renamed to Sparky. Eevee is guaranteed you will turn into a Vaporeon deh time evolved!
2. How the evolution of Eevee to Flareon

For those of you who need a unique fire type Pokemon, then no harm in the evolution of Eevee into Flareon. The trick is as follows :

  • The owner of Flareon in Eevee Brother is Pyro. So please rename Eevee into Pyro
  • The difference, please select an Eevee which had the skill of the Dig to rename. Why should the skill of the Dig? Reportedly, due to the skill of the Dig is synonymous with the skill of a Heat Wave that owned Flareon. 

information : don't feel cool if it had a Flareon. Because as Pokemon fire type, Flareon weaknesses against ground type Pokemon, rocks, and water. Soil and water type Pokemon is easily found in so many places.

3. How the evolution of Eevee into Jolteon 

Compared with other Eevee changes, Jolteon is Eevee changes the most powerful and agile. Because as the biggest drawback, electrical type Jolteon is just the type of soil. And you know that the type of soil is rarely used by the player Pokemon GO in the Gym?

for the evolution of Eevee into Jolteon, you can try the following ways :

  • Rename the Eevee that ye have to Sparky. Yes, Sparky is the name of the trainer Jolteon from Eevee Brother. 

  • So the chances of you getting a Jolteon is getting bigger, do not forget to select the Eevee has a skill Body Slam. Because if the only change the name alone, the opportunities you just 33%.
It's her way of determining the evolution of Eevee to Flareon, becomes Favoreon, and Jolteon. Interested to try it out?