Friday, February 01, 2019

How to register a Blog to Bing Webmaster Tools

This tutorial on how to register and verify the blog to bing webmaster tools, more or less the same functions with lists in Google webmaster tools.  As is known, Bing is one of the popular search engines other than Google Search. With the list and verify the Bing blog on the blog that you manage will be more easily recognized by search engines so that it can raise visitor blog.

As with many submit it to search engines then your blog will get a chance to perform at the main page of the search engines, but it should still be supported with quality content and really useful for visitors.

Through Bing webmaster tools, you can submit a sitemap, submit blog main page and submit the latest articles with ease. So the blog could be quickly indexed and easily recognized by the search engines.

How to register a Blog to Bing Webmaster Tools

Register your blog to Bing webmaster how easy enough, you as the blogger can certainly do so. to make the site the best we must be willing to work hard first.

The following steps to sign up for the search engine bing:
  1. Visit his website in Advance
  2. Please select the "Sign up with the Microsoft account"

  3. Next fill in the registration form.

    First name: enter your first name
    Last name: Please fill in your last name.
    User name: create a new account from hotmail or outlook
    Password: Please enter your desired password at least 8 characters.
    Reenter password: repeat password.
    Country/region: content with the name of your country (example: Indonesia).
    Birtdate: fill date of birth (month/date/year)
    Gender: choose your gender.
    Phone number: enter your telephone number.
    Alternate email address: Please fill in another email that you got as an alternative.
    Enter the characther you see: Please fill in the code chapcha available.
  4. After all, the next unfilled form click on "Create Account"
  5. Finished, you successfully registered to Bing Webmaster Tools.