Sunday, February 10, 2019

It Turns Out That Alcohol Is More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Who does not know about cannabis? Yups, marijuana is indeed expressly banned in Indonesia and set its release has been set by the Government for medical purposes or research purposes only, then what about alcohol? The results of the research conducted by the University of Colorado at Boulder yield that Americans consume alcohol more dangerous than marijuana use.

Marijuana is indeed forbidden goods including DRUGS, and we can not get easily as drugs or other rembah spice. But different case with alcoholic beverages. Some types of beverage alcohol with rendahpun can still be found in some stores and major retail store herbs around our homes.

Many people assume that alcohol was better than using marijuana because of the intoxicating alcohol which is much lower than that of marijuana. Moreover, if the alcohol like Wine consumed in alcoholic beverages are believed to be reasonable, not give effect is bad for the body according to most people. But is it like that? Let's explore together.

From research conducted by experts, it can be concluded that most affected was that of alcoholic beverages are cerebrum. The expert researchers from many universities take a sample of the more than 800 adults and 400 people as a teen audience. As a result, consume alcoholic drinks long term can make changes to the structure of white matter (white matter) and gray matter (grey matter) on a person's brain.

But if we compare, smoking was not to affect brain health as well as alcoholic beverages. Cannabis was once convicted of causing psychosis in teenagers and adults can serve as raw material for medical therapies such as preventing migraine (headache next to) or increase the level of sexuality.

In fact when we can see firsthand the dangers of alcoholic beverages against brain health. When a person consumes alcohol are over exaggerated, aka he would lose control of yourself. While drunk the brain cannot give clear orders against members of the other body. So a behavior that is being excessively consume alcohol would be uncontrolled (lost control).

Consuming alcoholic beverages is reasonably

The results of the research conducted by Dr. Maiken Nedergaard of Translational Health Sciences Center at URMC on a mouse prove that the function glimatik will be increased at the moment given ethanol in doses 0.5 gr/kg of body weight.

Glimfatik system is a process of the brain to rid itself of wastes harmful brain. The trick with the cerebral spinal fluid pumping into the brain. Brain waste cleaned consists of the protein beta-amyloid. If these compounds are piling up, it will be an increase in the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

This research proved even though alcohol is dangerous, but still allowed to consume alcohol during the reasonable limit. The amount is equivalent to the consumption of alcohol on the glass 2.5 per person per day.